Willy Paul teams up with Nadia Mukami for ”Nikune” video

The skilled worker and CEO of Salido Records, Willie Paul, has joined Nadia Mukami for his new video called "Nikune" together.


Driving Kenyan craftsman Willie Paul has conveyed another video named “Scratch”, featuring rapidly creating Kenyan craftsman Nadia Mukami.

“Nikune” is a tune wherein both express their warm gestures for each other and need to gain some incredible experiences.

The substance is about the point and there are awesome rhymes making a fabulous beat all through the tune.

The beatings are moderate and totally supplement the voices of Willie Paul and Nadia Mukami. The two experts are respected with boisterous and not plausible. In “Nickune” you can see how polise and Nadia assessed language.

The change between its substance is fragile. Exactly when you hear the song, you feel it’s a kind of learning conversation.

Disregarding the way that it’s their first endeavor together, both of them have an extraordinary science and gel, especially on record, you’d think they’ve been participating for a seriously long time.

The video is generally orchestrated and has dumbfounding move moves expected to make a “Nikune” dance challenge.

Just a day after its presentation, the “Nikune” video on YouTube is working outstandingly with in excess of 60,000 viewpoints.

Willie Paul was in a spectacular fun-conveyed song and left four missions per month back.

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