Tanzanian singer Ben Pol drops new single ”Corona”

Tanzanian singer and award winning expert Ben Pol conveyed another tune called"Corona"among his scene of COVID-19 pandemic.


The Tanzanian singer, Ben Pol has conveyed another song called”Corona” with Nyati Mchoya hoodlums

Ben Pol will presently get together incalculable Tanzanian specialists who make the public think about the effects of Covid and prosperity

In the new structure, Ben Pol has moved away from everything as a normal kind of untidiness, music, and composed the standard school beginning to end.

Ben pall, well-known, that is, they charged the vocals will be a standard Tanzanian move rhythm need to send his mantras. Fiend seeking after, while Nyati Machoyo people to expect authority over the gathering

He sang to the crucial demonstration of monitor the disease after washed his hands, and social partition in open Village places.

“Epuke mikusanyiko isiyo lazima…Watanzaniawote tujilinde. gonjwa hili La Corona… sote tushirikiane tutaishinda hii Corona…”,Singing Ben Pol.

He will get together for another specialist, for example, Rayavnny P Mawenge who persuades the occasion to be at the forefront, raising public consideration regarding the dangers of Coronavirus.

In a joint exertion with Nyati Mchoyo artist is the second area in just a half year.

Two Workers Party was conveyed, the Ford World. נישט’which was for the most part invited.

In Nyati mchoyo bunches must use of women who use standard instruments

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