Kenyan R&b singer Otile Brown has dropped another hot sentential brand new single dubbed “Nauelewa” starring his girlfriend Nabayet.

Jacob Obunga is known to many as Otile Brown penned and performed his new release dubbed titled “Nauelewa” which was dropped on December 17th.

Rising to fame with songs like ‘Imaginary Love’, Baby Love’ and ‘Aje Anione’, Otile has managed to sustain and grow fan interest in his music within a few years.

One could say that Brown is an expert when it comes to singing about this thing called love. And “Nauelewa” is full of some interesting revelations.

Otile Brown has finally released the visuals that have his hot girlfriend Nabayet who has mixed Ethiopian and Australian heritages for the very first time and it was worth the wait.

Otile Brown’s latest song dubbed ‘Naulewa’ comes a few months after he released a song in his girlfriend’s honor asking for forgiveness dubbed ‘Nabayet’ asking her to come back to him.

Seems everything is all glitter and smiles as the couple got back together and even got to work together on a cameo of the ‘Nauelewa’ song as directed by Mike Lolly P and produced by Ilhaji Made It.

This is the second time Otile Brown has featured his girlfriend on the visuals for his song with the first time being on the ‘Baby Love’ hit song which is currently sitting over 10 million views on YouTube alone, the song featured his then-girlfriend, Vera Sidika.

Watch the music video for ‘Nauelewa’ below as written and performed by Otile Brown featuring Nabayet, his girlfriend on the cameo.

Watch “Nauelewa” below.


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