Khaligraph Jones teams up with Masauti in ”HAO” video

Kenyan honor winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has worked together with Bongo craftsman Masaut in another video called " Hao."


Award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has conveyed a best in class jam called HAO with Kenyan craftsman Masaut.

According to Masauti, ” HAO “is a truncation that implies” people are awful.”

HAO is connected to cyberbullying and the hard presence of Fame, especially in Kenya, where a portion of the time it will in general be pitiless.

In the tune, Khaligraph familiarizes us with the lives of Kenyan VIPs and notes that constancy, lowliness, and critical peacefulness are likely the most huge things you need to succeed.

He includes the example of Bahat, who started well and got huge love from his fans, just to be attacked on Twitter and various stages.

He also includes the pickle of Steve Simple Boy, who reliably follows a social occasion of web customers on Twitter because of his articles of clothing.

“Kukua Ni gharama, juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akia, alikuwa mtoto wa mother, sai Twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana, hakuna huruma Siri ni kulenga tu… In case you don’t kill you, inakujenga tu na hunger kuna mafans wanakupenda tu… Si nyi cap, direct child kaa kila siku anyway Kipchoge akivaa nguo messages read the comparable mnamsifu’, somewhat.

Various authorities referred to in the tune are Willy Paul, Gimmy, essayist Willis Raburu, who eventually got examination.

One of the undeniable features of the tune is the subject; which Masauti does with her sensitive voice and gathers a brilliant expansion between the areas of Khaligraph.

HAO is current and comes when various VIPs are losses of cyberbullying, and late performers fuse Mullamwah and Azziad Nasenya.

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