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Khaligraph Jones teams up with Masauti in ”HAO” video


Kenyan award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has teamed up with Bongo singer Masauti in a new video dubbed ”HAO”.

Award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has dropped a hot new jam dubbed ‘HAO’ featuring Kenyan vocalist Masauti.

According to Masauti, ‘HAO’ is an acronym that means ‘Humans Are Obnoxious’.

‘HAO’ is all about cyberbullying and the tough life of being a celebrity especially in Kenya, where KOT can be unforgiving at times.

In the song, Khaligraph lets us in on the life of Kenyan celebrities, noting that patience, being humble and staying calm are some of the key things one needs to succeed.

He highlights the case of Bahati, who started well and received massive love from his fans, only for him to start being attacked on Twitter and other platforms.

He also highlights the plight of Stivo Simple Boy who is always trolled by a section of netizens on Twitter because of his dressing.

“Kukua celebrity gharama, juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akiaanza alikuwa mtoto wa mama, sai Twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana, hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu… If they don’t kill you, inakujenga tu na bado kuna mafans wanakupenda tu… Si nyi hutroll Simple Boy kaa kila siku but Kipchoge akivaa nguo the same mnamsifu,” the lyrics read in part.

Other artistes mentioned in the song include; Willy Paul, Gimmy Gait, journalist Willis Raburu, among others, who at one point or the other have received criticism from KOT.

One of the standout features in the song is the chorus; which Masauti does in his mellow voice, creating a nice bridge between Khaligraph’s verses.

‘HAO’ is timely and comes at a time when many celebrities are falling victim to cyberbullying, with the latest being comedian Mullamwah and Azziad Nasenya.

Stream ”HAO” below:


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