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Khaligraph Jones drops new love video ”Roll with You”


Kenyan award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has dropped a brand love song video dubbed ”Roll with You” as he slows down to appreciates his woman.

Celebrated Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones popularly known as ‘The OG’ has dropped a new song dubbed ”Roll with You”.

”Roll with You” is a love song where Khaligraph appreciates his girl, and promises to stick with her, till death separates them.

He showers the lady with praise and notes that he has a vision for both of them, and will do anything she wants him to do.

Unlike most of his songs where he always raps so fast, in this new release, he has slowed down and is very humble; indicating that he is truly after this lady.

The song has a mixture of English, Swahili and some bit of Dholuo creating a nice mash-up, that you will keep replaying over and over again.

“Baby I just wanna roll with you, so take me Baby let me go with you, I want everyone to know it is you… I’ll be everything you need and I’m never gonna leave you… The first time I saw you I knew you were sent for me, vile unanipenda najua we meant to be…,” the lyrics read in part.

The video has been shot in an amazing location, and is highly addictive; a concept that is typical with ‘The OG’.

In a post on his Instagram page, Khaligraph acknowledged that he had indeed slowed down, adding that he did so for the sake of ladies.

“Exclusive New Heat Alert as promised, Roll with You Is out Now, Had to slow it down for the ladies, Si wimbo za fujo kila saa,” his post read in part.

Stream ”Roll with You” Video below.


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