Harmonize features top stars in ”Bedroom’ Remix” video

The coordinator of the Tanzanian and Conde bunches Harmonize the various features Top stars Darassa, rose, Ree, and various others in his long-awaited squash single titled"bed of'Remix".


Rowdy Tanzanian entertainers Harmonize a. Remix for his alone” in the room”.

In the Remix, Harmonize using the organizations of countless the top skilled workers in Tanzania, including Darassa, country adolescent, Lunya,Salmin Swaggz,Moni Centrozone,Billnas, rose, Ree, and in Baghdad

Musically is a Remix is ordinarily never really up the disposition of the primary tune, and now and again improve the traditional shoot this Remix, it revives the main music data of the recently referenced experts.

Let them have their own remarkable way, they mix well and make is a flat out need have video.

Simply the gathering was kept up mates with the new skilled workers sing the song of one individual with the message that Harmonize as a troupe that made an augmentation through music

The Remix is doubtlessly an enormous as squash, yet everybody’s eyes were energetically holding on to check whether it will cover the principal video.

Traditional”bed-room”; the part of the tune on Harmonize the album”Afro-East”- a wily story, a commended specialist sings of his darling’s sentimental story and why she is the woman he treasured for a lifetime, the rest of him.

The meat of the tune is so a lot of done and the visuals, everyone calms down. additionally, conclusive dishonesty. Fit examining is screwing with his life partner and promised to fight for his darling and never make her cry

“…For all of you since I will fight until I kick the can, you are the Queen lemme ensure that the seat and the skin of your youngster are cute, you are the inspiration driving why I turn off my phone…”The message scrutinized a segment of the.

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