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Femi One teams up with Mejja for ”Utawezana” Video


Kenyan female rapper Femi One has teamed up with genge legend Mejja on her brand new hot sizzling single dubbed ”Utawezana”.

Femi One has finally released a brand new hit record with the legendary Genge and Gengetone artist Mejja.

First off, hats off for the prolific Femi One who has proved time and time again that she’s a versatile artist who has refused to be regarded as a one-genre rapper.

So long as record producers producing beats, Femi One will continue owning them with such class and finesse.

Femi one has records that are pure hip hop, Genge, Gengetone, and she can even sing if she wants to, what she hasn’t released yet is Mugithi or Rhumba but I am sure she can do that as well if she wants to.

So kudos to Femi One for holding down the rap scene and the entire music industry with every other record she puts out.

On her latest project dubbed ‘Utawezana’ with Mejja she reveals obstacles in most romantic relationships out there.

The ‘Utawezana’ record that was produced by Ricco Beat, and mastered by ABH is a club song with an urban feeling that gets people moving, a creative conversation between Femi One and Mejja.

“The ‘Utawezana’ single for me is a song that shows I have come out from hiding and showing people how much I have grown musically,” says Femi One.

The song features Femi One’s trademark witty punchlines and Mejja’s storytelling.

“The ‘Utawezana’ was an amazing project, working with Femi One has been great! we have good chemistry ” Mejja opened up working with Femi One for the first time.

Watch the music video for ‘Utawezana’ below as directed by Trey Juelz and written and performed by Mejja and Femi One.

Stream ”Utawezana” Video below.


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