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Femi One drops new video ”Lockdown”


Kenyan female rapper and ”Utawezana” hit-maker Femi One has dropped a brand new hot sizzling video dubbed ”Lockdown”.

Top Kenyan female rapper Femi One has returned with a new freestyle video dubbed ‘Lockdown’.

‘Lockdown’ addresses a number of issues that arose from Femi One’s latest hit ‘Utawezana’ featuring Mejja alias Okwonko.

In the new release, she urges those with hate and negative criticism to put their issues on ‘Lockdown’.

‘Utawezana’ went viral and has so far secured over 3.5 million views in a span of over 2 weeks; which is not mere achievement considering the tough times in the country.

Following the release of ‘Utawezana’, fans started the #UtawezanaChallenge where they recorded themselves lip-syncing to the hit on TikTok.

Many people took part in the challenge, but one Azziad Nasenya stood out as she wined her waist, and offered a broad smile enjoying the tune.

However, shortly after dominating Twitter trends, a section of netizens started bullying and body shaming Azziad, a move that did not augur well with other tweeps.

For a couple of days, Azziad became a trending topic in Kenya leading to the creation of #IStandWithAzziad, where tweeps condemned the same.

On her part, Femi One decided to address the issue in the new freestyle video, saying those who felt like Azziad did not execute the challenge well, should have tried to do their own version of the challenge rather than spread hate.

“You got hate, weka that on lockdown… it is only lame to body shame…,” the lyrics read in part.

Stream ”Lockdown” below:


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