Falz drops new colorful video ”Bop Daddy”

Nigeria won the Korean Falz dispatches another video plan called "patent affirmation" with the British-Nigerian ms market. Bank។


Falz Fashion Square, the new video of his first hip-bounce single of the year “compartment cash”, Ms. Randall. Bank។

Folarin Falana in any case called Falz is multi-gifted; a Nigerian craftsman, lyricist, and Korea performer, different later victories including the honor for exposure of the year at the BET Awards in 2016។

Falz, one of the sections conveyed the video “limit list” are the British-Nigerian MS market។

Bank of new British rap from the appearance of mixtape The Coldest Winter Ever Pt. 2, and “chomp” with Kida Kudz។

Falz conveyed in the year 2019 great bearing, recorded the assortment in Nigerian for change, given himself in the market of social issues in Nigeria។

  1. […] Falz drops new colorful video ”Bop Daddy” […]

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