Daddy Andre Drops New Video ”Osalawo”

Uganda expert, and a media wave in the midst of another video title "Osalawo" music creator Baba, Andre have conveyed.


Notwithstanding all the sensations in her life, father Andre, still in the focal point of the surge of new music release, the media to the fans.

Producers stamping under the black market has before long dropped another tune called” OBO ” and it will put her extraordinary side.

Father Andre has reliably been to request the young lady from his dreams when he will make a decision and pick him, yet he didn’t reveal his anxiety” in Odia”.

What he does striking is the forward segment of Papa Andre, how to manage the Roman symbol language.

Not under any condition like the father of Andre various tunes, this tune is minuscule. Essentially as you can value one second and 47-seconds before the completion of the two, startlingly.

Sound creation and Andre himself on the secret market was formed by his father recorded, and composed the video was shot and tunnel at the kisuba, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda to enter Kingfisher.

‘The papras is up ’til now being analyzed on charges of wrong conduct made against him by up-coming performers.

The performers have long accused her own songs before sexual desire towards them.

Regardless, it will be a test to put forth a defense against this title.

Seven days back, the head of Uganda essayist Association, Sophia, said he was drawn nearer to close his studio until the assessment is done.

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