Boondocks Gang returns with new video ”420”

Boondocks pack Gengetone Music Group thought of an entirely unexpected music cut called"420", in which they approach the кенийское government to authorize hashish.


Топовая Kenyan social occasion gengetone Boondocks conveyed another video called “420”.

“420” – it is a case criminally secure бханга in the country.

The social occasion includes a part of the wellbeing favorable circumstances of бханга that you will see; being a prescription against harmful development.

Notwithstanding the way that the stanzas are written in significant шэнге and may not fulfill everyone, the rhythm is moderate and there are реггевибе, which makes them move to the tune.

As opposed to its various tunes, ” 420 ” is a direct video shot in an obviously surrendered house.

One of the mind-boggling attributes is the way that the video contains only people from the get-together, without the VIDEO Fox that was appropriated in their past accounts.

Three hours after the introduction, the video will go very well with more than 20 000 points of view; a sign that it will be a huge ringtone.

Banda Бундока starts the New Year on a high note, conveying a couple of tunes and referred to in a couple of коллаборациях.

One of the noteworthy коллабораций, which caused a whirlwind in the country, was The “Таниуа”, where they worked with Bahati.

Seven days prior, the social event conveyed a tune called “Europe 2020”, in which they regretted the issues of the new year and extended public cognizance of the human коронавирусе.

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