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Bensoul drops new acoustic video ”No Kisses”


Kenyan singer Bensoul who is signed under Sauti Sol music group Sol Generation has dropped a brand new acoustic video dubbed ”No Kisses”.

Kenyan new music label Sol Generation musician Bensoul has dropped a new acoustic song dubbed ”No Kisses”.

‘No Kisses’ is an emotional song where Bensoul questions why some things have changed in their relationship.

He notes that unlike before, he does not get the warmth and love that was in their relationship previously.

“Hapa ni wapi tumefika, You don’t wanna hold me like before, Ama leo umekasirika, Coz you keep on banging every door… Tuko wawili but I feel alone yeah, Kwani nimebadilika, Nikikuguza unasema no, I can’t believe it How are you living… With no kisses No hugs I don’t wanna learn How to love you from afar,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

The song is slow, and is in perfect harmony with beats from the keyboard; thus creating a nice tune that showcases the sad mood in the song.

In the new release, Bensoul showcases his vocal prowess, hitting high notes without struggling, as his voice remains steady all through.

In a description post on YouTube, he noted that this is the second song on his series QuaranTunes that he will release during this crisis period.

“NO KISSES is the second acoustic jam off a special series (QuaranTUNES) that I am writing during this period. I will be posting them every week on Thursday for the rest of the month. Jifungie na ujiwashie yako, kama kawa kama dawa! Happy 4/20 month,” he posted.

A couple of days ago, he dropped ‘Forget You’ which was the first song in the series.

Stream ”No Kisses” below.


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