Ugandan artist Hanson Baliruno drops new single ”Ejjengo”

Ugandan skilled worker Hanson baliruno has conveyed a spotless single called "Ejjengo" as he pandemic demands God's intervention in the fight against COVID-19.


In “Ejjengo”, Hanson baliruno invites God to save a critical aspect of the planet from the hazardous deluge of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has continued defiling and butcher countless people wherever in the world.

Hanson baliruno adds his name to a significant parcel of these Ugandan experts who have entered the studio and recorded a tune highlighted battling the spread of Coronavirus.

Ejjengo infers waves. Sung in rich Luganda stanzas, ejjengo hones Ugandans to what exactly precisely checks are every now and again taken to sidestep the spread of Coronavirus, including self-detach.

In the tune conveyed by ENO Beats, Baliruno similarly fuses nations, for instance, China, America, Italy, Germany, and the United States, while mentioning that God gives grace toward them and extra them from the hazardous disease.

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