Nina Roz drops new single ”Kyoyooyo”

Super talented singer and songwriter Nina Roses released a brand new favorite album called "Kyoyooyo."


A singer, songwriter, dancer, and model, Nina Rose was very bottom this year, but after all, she has blessed us with a new jam called “Kyoyooyo.”

“On Kyoyooyo” Nina learned that Roz-it’s love. He tells us about his partner, the reason for love is that in order to do it, you will.

The sound was released by the award-winning producer, Pope, Andre, and, according to the release of his new direction; make sure the entertainment is on.

This is their second song of the year, “Нтінка Нкутінке,” which was released in mid-March.

On” Нтінке Нкутінке ” Nina roses are going to give and receive love and affection from your boyfriend to have a relationship.

Nina Roses is under no sleep, leaving songs like ‘Mekete’ ft. Kabako Roden Y, Sikuta, among others, before he separated from the label, and this includes recorded boom waves.

He spent two years on the label and spent several good hits, like Мулиро, Olumya Bano, Мунда, Ananyinama, by the way.

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