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Marioo drops another new single ”Kongoro”


Tanzanian bongo artist Marioo has dropped another new single dubbed ”Kongoro” just a few days after releasing his hit single ”Unankosha”.

Tanzanian music star Marioo has dropped a new song dubbed ‘Kongoro’. ‘Kongoro’ is a song about the extremes a man had to go to just for the sake of love.

Marioo talks of the far he had to travel just to be with the woman he loves. He questions what would have happened to him in life if he was not with her.

“Mi ningefanya na nani? Kama usingekuwa  wewe,Mapenzi ningeyajulia wapi? Japo una uzuri angani, nami kifaranga we mwewe, Na wala hujanifanya kitu mbaya, Nishapitiga magharibi, Nishatoekeaga mashariki, Nikachomwa jua na baridi,kusaka sifa kama zako….” the lyrics read in part.

He goes on to say that he finally settled for her and if she leaves him he will be left all alone like a ‘Kongoro’.

The Swahili used is rather poetic with a load of metaphors that is synonymous with most Bongo love songs.

For now, we only have the audio of the song that has so far garnered over 16k views on YouTube hours after release.

Meanwhile, Marioo’s other hit single ‘Unankosha’ is also doing well on digital platforms.

Marioo is among the few Tanzanian artistes that have remained consistent despite the COVID-19 crisis that has seen many countries go on lockdowns.

Stream ”Kongoro” below.


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