Marioo drops another new single ”Kongoro”

Of course has conveyed Tanzania Haran skilled worker Marioo "kongoro called" the new single "Unkosha", his hit single after the appearance of several days.


Tanzanian music star Mari has restricted another tune called “Kongo”. “Congo” is a tune about the limits that a man expected to go out to esteem.

Mari examines the sum she had as of late made an excursion to be the woman she values. In his life, if it had not been done, what may have been its wonder?

“Me ningefanya na Nani? Indian usingekuwa Wewe, Mapenzi ningeyajulia wapi? It’s beautiful….”Some of the compositions examined each other.

It doesn’t suggest that she has finally made a decision and when she leaves him, he is dismissed as a “kongoro”.

The one used is wonderful for a huge load of ornamentation that is indistinguishable from Swahili as opposed to most Bangkok love tunes.

At the present time, we simply have the sound of the song, so far it has gotten more than 16,000 viewpoints on YouTube hours after its conveyance.

At that point, mari’s other hit single “tokkoha” is in a like manner adequate on the modernized stage.

Marioo despite a segment of the skilled workers in Tanzania who have remained consistent with COVID-19 hazard, in which a couple of countries were hindered.

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