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Bongo singer Maua Sama drops ”Iokote Remix”


Tanzanian bongo singer Maua Sama has dropped a remix of her hit single ”Iokote” featuring Hanstone and Rostam, just 2-years after the release.

Just two years after the release of the viral jam ”Iokote” by Maua Sama and Hanstone, they now team up with fellow Tanzanian rappers Rostam; Roma and Stamina for a remix of ‘Iokote’.

Rostam is a duo from Tanzania celebrated for being amazing rappers in the East African region.

This new remix is not so different from the original song. The beat is the same and also the chorus has not changed much.

The only difference comes in when the Rostam comes in with their verses and gives a whole new vibe.

For one, it is just your typical Swahili poetry all put to an upbeat song.

The remix was well done and we hope for a good video, and just like any other remix, this will clearly bring the original song back to the charts.

The rappers did justice to the remix by chanting how they are kings of rap.

‘Iokote’ remix is addictive, listening to it, you’ll probably add it to your playlist, and play it over and over again.

So far, only the audio version has been shared online, with the video expected to be produced later.

A couple of hours after it premiered, the audio has already managed over 4,000 views on YouTube and an indication that it is set to be a major hit.

Stream ”Iokote’ Remix” below.


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