At this time i don’t have to take my time to try and explain or convince you how much Dj Kanji is talented because this guy is a real monster when it comes to giving best mixes and here is a hot brand new sizzling Mix-tape from the world famous DJ Kanji dubbed Grown & Sexy Vol 2.

Hello music lovers it has been a while ever since Dj Kanji last made a Mix of such hits and now i present to you my brand new Mix-Tape entitled Grown & Sexy Volume two.

This Mix-Tape is all about Club Music from your favorite artists and Its a dope Mix-Tape with a Smooth blend on it most definitely if you love Rock, EDM, R&B/House Music then this one is for you. 100% Club Music.

And Dj Kanji stated in the release of his new Mix that remember all the feed back is always appreciated from you guys.

Thank you for always Supporting Dj Kanji with that unending Love, May God bless you all. Then he concluded Thank you.



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