Huddah Monroe unveils the love of her life

 Huddah Monroe unveils the love of her life



When she is not busy beefing about sponsors and globetrotting to the world’s finest cities, Huddah has off late been busy choreographing the love of her life on how to bend and hide his face from the camera when taking ‘social media’ photos!

Yes! For the last couple of days, Kenyan socialite and former Big Brother representative Huddah Monroe has been posting photos of her swagged up beau, with his cap over his face in a bid to conceal his identity.

However, after many tries and poses, and tons of questions from her fans she finally posted a photo showing his face and physique before quickly pulling it down!

With the cat out of the bag, some fans sent her complements with many anxiously asking whether she would finally be settling down with the Nigerian top shot.




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