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How beautiful is Uganda’s socialite Doreen Kabareebe?


How beautiful is Uganda’s female socialite, model and sexy diva Doreen Kabareebe? who contested in beauty pageants including Miss Uganda 2010?

Doreen Kabareebe is sexy and she knows it. In a new photoshoot with Han Shots Photography, she oozes all shades of sexy as she shows off massive curves and skin.

Following a very controversial early life as per 2012, Doreen Kabareebe faced a lot of criticism and bashing which might have forced her off the social circles and into Dubai where she did Sales with Dunkin’ Donuts for 6 months before securing a job with Marriott International Group of Hotels in the front office department.

She, however, returned a few months ago and has been focusing on her Kabareebe Models For Charity foundation with an NGO through which Kabareebe sells merchandise with profits going to charity for the needy.

As the foundation also visits slums and provides hope and financial support to the poor in Uganda.

She recently had a photoshoot with Han Shots Photography and the photos have been turning heads especially on social media. Too much skin is out for all to see. Take a look below:


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